Constables Information
Pct. 5 Constables: 281-463-6666
The neighborhood security service is provided by the Harris County Constable's Office, Precinct 5.
Please always report suspicious activity right away to the Constables and if a crime has occurred, please contact the Constables and not HPD to report the incident. Please also notify your alarm monitoring company to call the Constables in the event of an alarm. Since we are under contract with the Constables, they are in our neighborhood daily and will respond much faster than HPD. 
The Constable offers more services than just patrol and vacation watches. There are programs for adults, teens, and children.  The Constable offers classes on bully prevention, online safety, personal safety, and even a Citizen's Police Academy.  For more information visit the Constable's web page. Free home security inspections are also available; click here for more information.