Deed Restrictions & Architectural Control
PROPERTY VALUES:  Each Briarhills property owner should be dedicated to do all that can be done to enhance individual property values to the highest possible level.  To achieve this goal, certain activities and conditions that tend to depress property values must be restricted or disallowed.  A list of restrictions that apply to all properties in Briarhills can be found in the Deed Restrictions.  Updates on deed restrictions can be found on the Bylaws/Declarations page.  The Association is responsible for interpreting and enforcing these restrictions in order to protect property values. 
ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL:  Property values are not only affected by what may be done by the resident, but also by those changes or additions that may be made to the exterior of the home.  To help owners to improve their homes in keeping with the goal of elevated community property values, the Association requires that each proposed exterior change or addition be first reviewed and approved by the Architectural Control Committee.  A Request for Home Improvement Approval must first be submitted to the Board prior to the start of the project. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your home improvement.