About Us
The Briarhills Community is comprised of 900 properties. Two separate Associations govern the neighborhood: the Briarhills Property Owners Association (BPOA) and the Briarhills Home Owners Association (BHOA). Please read below to learn more about which Association represents your property.
The Briarhills Property Owners Association (BPOA) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation.  The BPOA is comprised of 452 properties located on the following streets:
Arrow Hill Road
Menasco Court  
Briarhills Parkway (except 14430 and 14434)
Sandfield Drive
Cherry Mound Road
Starhill Court
Coachlight Drive
Stokesmount Drive
Forest Home Drive (1002-1406)
Stoney Hill Drive
Glacier Hill Drive
Swiss Hill Drive
Hillvale Drive
Trailville Drive (13802-13838)                                                        
Honey Hill Drive
Woodnook Drive
Langbourne Drive
*Note: If your property is within Briarhills but is not shown in the list above, you are a Briarhills HOA resident. Please contact your Association's property manager, Graham Management, at 713-334-8000 for further assistance. You may also visit the Briarhills HOA website at briarhills.org for more information regarding your homeowner's association.
Common Area:  Available for the use and enjoyment of each resident is the Briarhills POA Recreation Center.  The Recreation Center includes four and two-tenths (4.2) acres equipped with a swimming pool for the family, a wading pool for tots, lighted tennis courts, playground equipment, a community clubhouse, basketball court and off-street parking.
BPOA Management Office
Physical Address:
14300 Briarhills Parkway, Houston, TX 77077                                                       
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 940548, Houston, TX 77094-7548
Office Hours:
By Appointment