Posted on Jul 11th, 2016

The election for new POA Board members will be this September. Every Briarhills POA homeowner currently residing in the neighborhood is eligible to run for the Board. Now is a good time to start thinking whether you can be a part of this great opportunity to be involved in the management of our neighborhood.

The Briarhills POA Board is comprised of seven members – The Directors. Four Directors seats are up for election this year. After the new Directors are elected, all seven will get together to vote for the Officers of the Board: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Directors are also assigned specific duties such as:  Architectural Control, Safety, Pool Management, Maintenance, and Community

Interested candidates need to provide a written bio to include their professional background and their interest in running as well as any other information they wish to share with the other residents for why they should vote for them. These descriptions will be published in the August edition of the Briarbeat for distribution to all the residents prior to the election. ALL CANDIDATE BIOS ARE DUE BACK TO THE POA FOR PUBLICATION BY NOON, FRIDAY, JULY 15 VIA EMAIL ONLY.
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